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[ Arizona Ranger]

Arizona Ranger

The Arizona Ranger is designed with the historical re-enactor or cowboy action shooter in mind. Carefully researched, the money-belt style rig features a double row of cartridge loops, made famous by the incomparable Arizona Rangers. The holsters are exact replicas from the famous Denver house of Heiser, and offer the original carving pattern and lacing style. Available for Colt SAAs or replicas with up to 7 1/2" barrels. Kid Curry was wearing this holster when he died by his own hand in 1904.

The famous Arizona Rangers (1901 - 1909) were commissioned to eliminate organized lawlessness in the Arizona Territory in preparation for statehood, finally achieved on February 14, 1912. They did their job so well they were disbanded after only eight years. Captained first by Burt Mossman, then by Tom Rynning, and finally by Harry Wheeler, the Rangers lost only one man in the line of duty while making thousands of arrests.

Restricted to no more than 26 men at any one time, these dedicated lawmen ranged throughout Arizona (the sixth largest state in the Union) and across neighboring borders, including Old Mexico, in a relentless pursuit of the bad guys. They seldom failed. The 1950s TV series "26 Men," starring my friend and fast draw and fancy gun handler par excellence, Kelo Henderson, acquainted a whole new generation of Americans to this brave organization.


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