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Bar 20

The Bar 20 is an exact copy of the rig designed and made by the famous Hamley & Company for William Boyd in 1935. It first appeared in The Eagle's Brood, released October 10, 1935. This is an all black, fully-lined rig, with contrasting white calf border lacing, nickel heart, spot and star embellishments and engraved belt buckle. The 2 1/2"-wide belt has 36 white bullet loops. This interesting design also features a unique "open" belt drop for the holsters, which ride quite far forward and provide a very smooth draw. This holster takes any single action Colt or similar revolver with 5 1/2" or shorter barrels.

Perhaps the most famous fictional cowboy of all time, Hopalong Cassidy was created by author Clarence E. Mulford in 1906 and appeared in dozens of books, beginning with The Bar 20. Bill Boyd was cast in the part for the first movie, Hop-A-Long Cassidy, released July 30, 1935. Through his wonderful characterization, Boyd became Hoppy in over sixty movies and television shows, which are still being aired on many network and cable TV stations.


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