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The County is a reproduction of a classic made famous in a recent TV series. Originally crafted for the left-handed star, this very fancy carved and border-stamped rig is available in either right- or left-handed versions and features the original number of large, engraved sterling silver conchos and silver-plated buckle set. This rig is designed for 5 1/2" barrel Colt SAAs or clones, and a matching knife sheath, tailored to fit your knife, is available at additional cost.

It's really a shame this show just didn't catch on, perhaps due to its unusual, non-western-sounding title. It had all the ingredients: excitement, comedy, mystery, fancy gun work and a trick horse -- in short -- everything needed to make it successful. It continues to enjoy tremendous popularity in Europe through reruns, even popping up now and then through syndication on early morning TV in the U.S.

The hero actually used two gun rigs during the course of the show. The County represents the first and better-known version, and is an excellent outfit for fast draw and fancy gun handling. Particularly in the pilot episode, and through the rest of the series, some really excellent left-handed gun spinning was demonstrated, thanks to my good friend Monty Laird. A professional gun coach and stunt man, Monty is one of the finest fancy gun handlers in the business, with either hand, and an absolute joy to watch.


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