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King of the Cowboys I
The King of the Cowboys I is a painstakingly researched reproduction of the original rig made by Ed Gilmore in 1938. This fancy two-gun outfit, made famous in the movies, looks, feels, and fits just like the original, and even has the unusual number of 31 bullet loops. This fully hand-carved set features completely hand-stitched fully lined holsters and belt with silver-plated hardware and 1/2" spots. Like the original, this rig does not have tie-downs nor hammer loops, and the belt ends butt together in front and do not overlap. The holsters are designed for Colt SAAs or clones with 4 3/4" barrels and are sewn closed at the bottom. They will accommodate 5 1/2" barrels if left open without altering their appearance.

When this gun rig was first conceived by Gilmore craftsman Hollis Deery, it was to be in a natural tan and black accented finish. Unfortunately, before it had seen its first year of service it was subjected to a very thorough dunking, causing the black dye to run, virtually ruining the outfit. A fast thinking studio prop department saved the day and the rig by completely refinishing the outfit in dark brown. This is how most western fans remember it, and it's this finish that is standard on the King of the Cowboys I.

Back in the 1930s, long before holsters were steel lined and 3/8" thick, gun rigs were soft and supple and could be worn comfortably all day long (as they often were) without pains in the hips and lower back or your knees turning blue (Oh, I see you've already done that!). This doesn't mean they weren't serviceable or didn't do the job properly, because they did. It's just that competition fast draw wasn't an issue. These old rigs molded themselves around the wearer like a good pair of shoes and moved with and almost became a part of the person using them.

The King of the Cowboys I is a good example of this design and construction, and one ready to fulfill the dreams of any young cowboy or cowgirl who grew up experiencing the Golden Age of the Hollywood Western.


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