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[ King of Cowboys II ]
King of the Cowboys II

This is a carefully researched reproduction of the much-beloved movie cowboy's second outfit. Fully hand carved and featuring solid sterling silver spots and buckles, this double buscadero outfit is a classic.

The King of the Cowboys II, like its 1942 Bohlin original, borrows heavily from my King of the Cowboys I, which it was originally purchased to replace for use in public appearances and publicity shots.

Finished in a single color brown to match the re-dyed original, this outfit was characteristic of its famous maker's art. Very close attention has been given to the King of the Cowboys II in the areas of carving style and pattern, as well as the unusual stamping design on the bullet loops.

The holsters are open at the bottom, allowing the use of either a 4 3/4" or 5 1/2" Colt SAA or clone, and feature a full silver treatment around the skirts and holster tops, sides and bottoms.

The appeal of this classic two-gun rig is ageless and is sure to be a hit at any SASS event or Western film fair.


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