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[ Durango Kid ]
The Durango Kid
The Durango Kid outfit is another in my series of reproductions of famous "B" western gun leather. This all black fully lined and fully hand carved gun rig with contrasting white calf lacing is supple and comfortable, in the 30s and 40s tradition. Like the original outfit, The Durango Kid features 36" white bullet loops and sterling silver belt and holster buckles. The holster accommodates a 5 1/2" Colt SAA or clone. 4 3/4" guns are fine, too. Charles Starrett first created the role of The Durango Kid in the 1940 film of the same name. After WWII, Starrett revived the role with The Return of The Durango Kid. By 1952, and sixty-something films later, Charles Starrett hung up his Durango Kid mask and let his white stallion, Raider, out to pasture. In between, were some of the liveliest western movies ever made.

Part of the key to Durango's success, and what made these movies so special to me, was the incredible stunt work performed by the incomparable Jock Mahoney. Without question, Yakima Canutt is the father of the modern stunt profession, but it was Mahoney that developed this craft into a true art form. Thank goodness for the several classic movie channels, particularly the Western Channel, that continue to show these wonderful and exciting films!


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