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[ J.B. Hickok ]
J.B. Hickok

This is a faithful reproduction of the holsters and belt worn by the legendary James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok. The fully lined "California Slim Jim" holsters are available for both the traditional 1851 Navy Colt or the 1873 Colt SAA. The fully lined belt and two-toned buckle duplicate a Union Army officer's. Available in black, brown, or tan.

Hickok's original holsters were black and lined with suede or pigskin. Although popular in his time, this porous, nappy material absorbs gun oil and moisture, attracts grit and becomes both sticky and wonderfully abrasive. To preserve the bluing and other finishes on your expensive pistols, the J.B. Hickok is lined with slick, thin cowhide.

"Wild Bill," while in town, often carried his famous engraved, silver-plated 1851 Colt's Navy .36 caliber revolvers butt forward by simply tucking them into a sash tied around his waist.

While on horseback, this, of course, was not practical, so holsters became necessary. Hickok's fearsome gunfighting reputation began just after the Civil War (1861 - 1865) and ended in Deadwood, Dakota Territory (now South Dakota), with an assassin's bullet through the back of his head in the Summer of 1876. This was just three years after the introduction of the famous Colt Peacemaker. It's incredible to think of what Hickok achieved using "cap and ball" revolvers.


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