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High Plains Drifter

This outstanding fast draw rig was worn by the star that made Italian westerns famous. Completely lined and featuring a metal insert in the holster drop, this smooth and rough out rig is classic.

Inspired by the great Andy Anderson, this style outfit saw service on such great TV shows as Rawhide and the classic "spaghetti westerns" that for better or for worse have shaped Hollywood's perception of what a modern western should be. A Fist Full of Dollars and A Few Dollars More are good examples. It has always struck me as interesting and somewhat astounding to see how Europeans perceive and portray our American West in film. Have you noticed that they don't think we can even cut railroad ties the same length?

I recently had a respected American western historian and film technical advisor describe the clothing used in current westerns as looking like "a bunch of Australians going to a lobster dinner in the rain." This may be a little harsh, but one wonders.

Historically, the High Plains Drifter was designed for fast draw and was described as a "walk and draw" outfit. The over-the-belt holster is rigidly held in place using a notch and "Chicago screws" and requires no tie down. The matching belt uses one-piece tapered billet design, features 30 bullet loops, trademark decorative stitching and heavy nickel buckle.

The High Plains Drifter is appropriate, whether at a western film fair, cowboy shoot or fast draw competition, and certainly reflects the image of one of America's most famous western stars.


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