[Picture of The Hondo Gun Rig]

The Hondo

The Hondo is inspired by an American film legend in one of his least known, but best western films. It is the closest to the original I've ever seen. This style outfit first appeared on screen in 1953 and has become one of the most imitated gun rigs available. These imitations, however, seem to be more of the maker's interpretation of the original instead of an exact reproduction. The Hondo, on the other hand, was designed using an original example to ensure complete authenticity.

The Hondo reflects close attention to detail, with the proper belt width, construction and suede material, the proper billet shape, and correct buckle size and shape. Using full size photographs of the original outfit, the precise dimensions of the holster, particularly the throat shape and drop angle, have been duplicated.

Careful study clearly shows this star's gun rig evolved over the years with several versions being used. This is also true of the weapon it housed, starting with a walnut-gripped 5 1/2" barrel Colt SAA .45 in 1953 to the antique-ivory- gripped 4 3/4" Peacemaker introduced in 1967.

According to legend, the addition of the single, centrally located .45-70 cartridge in the gunbelt started when an old timer visiting the set told a story of his Indian fighting days. He explained the use of the odd bullet -- when reached during the heat of battle it would indicate that your pistol ammo was getting low and it was time to conserve. Sounds reasonable to me.

The Hondo is available in either left- or right-handed versions with a matching cross draw for Cowboy Action Shooters, if desired. The holster, like the original, will fit either 4 3/4" or 5 1/2" Colt SAA or its many clones.


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