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[ King of Cowboys III ]
King of the Cowboys III
The King of the Cowboys III is the last of this series and is intentionally the most elaborate of the group. Created in 1949 by a company better known for their western clothing, it featured an interesting two-toning effect with gold plated spots and buckle sets to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1849 California gold rush.

Designed as a "promotional" piece, it was never used in the movies, but was spotlighted on many a comic book cover, in studio publicity stills and personal appearances. It did appear briefly in two guest spots in the early 1980s, on a popular "stuntman" TV show.

For cost purposes, my reproduction is offered with nickel spots and plated buckle sets or with optional, hand crafted sterling silver hardware. Completely lined and hand stitched, this fully-carved, two-toned, two-gun rig includes the original 31 black bullet loops with decorative perforations and authentic carving design. Even the "pin striped" billets and two-toned holster straps are true to the original.

Designed to be used with either 4 3/4" or 5 1/2" Colt SAAs and clones, or you might want to substitute a couple of gold plated 7 1/2" pistols with mother of pearl horse head grips that often appeared in photographs with the original outfit.


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