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Masked Rider

The Masked Rider, using the original as a guide, is an exact reproduction of the famous black and silver outfit made famous on TV by that resourceful masked rider of the plains, whose fight for law and order in the early American West is legendary.

The fully-carved and lined twin black holsters feature faithful replicas of the three different sterling silver spots appearing on the originals. The holster design, actually the second used on the TV series, was created by the star. His gun coach, Rod Redwing, suggested their use to facilitate the fancy spinning and gun handling being developed by the star. Closed at the bottom, these holsters allow the guns to "stand on" their barrels for a very fast draw and a delicate spinning exit and re-entry, which became a trademark.

The fully-lined, almost straight, belt sparkles with the same sterling silver spots as the holsters, features the approximate number of hand sewn bullet loops and is fully carved in the same areas as the original. Sterling silver buckles complete the package.

The holsters are designed to fit 5 1/2" Colt SAA revolvers or their clones, but can be formed to fit 4 3/4" pistols on request, without changing their appearance, as the show first featured the longer length and later changed to sightless 4 3/4" guns.

The Masked Rider is currently being used by nationally-known look-alike Chuck Medwork at his many public appearances.


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