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Tim McCoy:

The Tim McCoy offers a fully carved, completely lined double buscadero rig in the Bohlin tradition. Exhaustively researched, each holster features the McCoy Indian head trademark and the solid sterling silver buckle is an exact duplicate of the original.

This very fancy outfit really captures the flavor of the early "B" western for which Colonel McCoy was famous. Although his outfit was designed for two holsters, he usually wore a single Colt revolver on the right side, leaving the left hand buscadero slot empty. My Tim McCoy is available as a single or a double, in tan, black, brown or the rich reddish brown pictured.

McCoy had a strong military background and was an early advocate and supporter of the American Indian. Although Tim McCoy was replaced in popularity by the singing cowboy, his signature extra tall crowned Stetson and tough, honest style have become legend, and videos of his many movies are still popular.


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