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Mesquite Jenkins

The Mesquite Jenkins is named after one of my favorite characters from Clarence E. Mulford's famous Hopalong Cassidy series, which began in 1906. The rig was worn by Jenkins, who became Hoppy's protégé and wore two guns with crossed belts. The holsters feature Texas low-cut throats and Texas jockstrap keepers, along with 19th-century carving and border stamping. The belts are traditional money belt style and provide 30 bullet loops each. The holsters are designed for Colt SAAs or clones with barrels up to 7 1/2" in length.

Designed as one of my personal outfits, I really like the versatility of being able to wear it as a single or double rig, using one or two belts, and even reversing the holsters once in a while. The guns ride well away from the body and are fully exposed for a fluid "shooter's grip" draw and fancy return. The soft, supple "money belts" are very comfortable, and together they provide a lot of fire power, fast.

The character Mesquite Jenkins, tempted by evil companions, became almost an adopted son of the legendary Hopalong Cassidy after Hoppy's own son and wife died of fever. As Hoppy's eagar student, young Mesquite learned the meaning of honor, trust, loyalty and courage. After sharing several adventures with his mentor, Mulford decided to give Mesquite a couple of books of his own. These are great reading and old time western fiction at its very best. Mulford's books are currently available in paperback.

Hoppy and Mesquite, as well as the rest of the old Bar 20 crowd, hailed from West Texas, where the design of this gun rig originated. The Mesquite Jenkins is history, fact, legend and fiction, all rolled into one.


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