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The Plainsman:
Created directly from an original pattern used for Gary Cooper's outfit in the 1936 DeMille epic. The little border stamp appearing on this double, reverse draw rig duplicates the original featured on both the holsters and Coop's hat band. Available in black, brown, or tan. This outfit was originally intended for use with Colt 1851 Navy revolvers, favored by shootist James Butler Hickok. The studio, however, opted at the last minute to use the more recognizable short barrel Colt Peacemaker for the star's armament, although the short barrel SAA was not made until after Hickok's death. So much for authenticity. Bullet loops were then introduced and, in fact, several different rigs made an appearance during the film. However, my Plainsman remains true to the original that was the primary rig in the film.

As an historical note to the movie, James Ellison, who portrays Bufallo Bill Cody opposite Cooper's Hickok, left the lucrative role of Johnny Nelson in the popular Hopalong Cassidy series of movies to take this role, in hopes of furthering his career. And note the ivory-gripped Colt Lightning (introduced by Colt in 1877, oops!) used by Jean Arthur's Calamity Jane. This gun reappears with Arthur in the classic Shane, with the grips taped to hide Calamity's initials.


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