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Red Ryder

The Red Ryder is a reproduction of the second fancy double rig worn by western star William Elliott., after he joined Republic, and replaced a similar outfit worn by Elliott and actor Bob Allen at Columbia. This fully hand-carved, border-laced, lined, reverse-draw double rig features 24 bullet loops and fancy oval silver buckle. The holsters will accept up to 5 1/2" Colt SAAs or clones. This beautiful rig is just loaded with "B" western tradition.

William Elliott, that wonderful western star of the thirties, forties and fifties, acquired his "Wild Bill" nickname from the character Wild Bill Saunders that he played early in his career. A fine actor and genuinely good person, Bill portrayed Red Ryder after Don "Red" Berry left the series. His fancy reverse-handle double rig and his now famous saying, "I'm a peaceable man, but..." just before those two guns went into action, became his trademark. A cowboy's cowboy.

His guns, too, have a tradition all their own. When Bill Elliott's star began to rise at Columbia pictures after a very successful serial, and the fan mail began to pour in, the studio decided he needed a trademark. In future pictures, they supplied him with two special "two-toned" 5 1/2" barrel Colts. Their overall nickel finish was complimented by a blued cylinder and ejector tube, and then finished off with Franzite stag grips. When Bill left Columbia for Republic in the 1940s, he privately purchased two 4 3/4" nickel Colts and had them identically "two-toned."

And if you look closely at a couple of Durango Kid movies from Columbia, you'll notice Charles Starrett's "Steve" character using one of Elliott's original two-toned 5 1/2" barrel pistols from the studio's prop department.


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