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The Ringo is faithfully patterned after the "Texas low-cut" rig worn in the movie Tombstone. This completely lined, border-stamped and hand-carved black rig features sterling silver spots, conchos, and buckle.

The "Texas low-cut" holster design features a shallow and wide cut holster throat, exposing a great deal of the pistol's frame, cylinder, trigger, trigger guard and hammer. This design first appeared in the early 1880s. Some of the earliest examples seem to have been homemade and rather crudely done, made by taking a conventional deep holster and cutting a wide, deep "U" in the throat. Soon, professionally made, carved, stamped and fully lined versions appeared.

This new style also eliminated the "Mexican Loop" feature, which really distorted the shape of the holster and could produce a clutching or snagging effect on the pistol. Now, a separate band of leather was used to hold the holster body against the skirt or, in some instances, the "jockstrap" design was employed.

The Ringo is really a classic 19th century gunfighter outfit featuring a popular carving pattern of the period and embellished with authentic sterling silver spots, conchos and buckle. The Ringo is designed for use with a 4 3/4" barrel Colt SAA or clone.


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