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Singing Cowboy

The Singing Cowboy is completely hand carved, lined and laced. This unusual rig features sterling silver spots and conchos, silver-plated buckle set and unique pouch-style holster keeper. The belt, like the original, offers a slot for a left hand holster, which was never worn. The deep, wide-throat holster is designed for 5 1/2" barrel or shorter Colt SAAs or clone.

The Singing Cowboy really reflects the gun belt and holster design of the early talking westerns, where the gun was somewhat of a decoration only, generally used at the end of the movie when a mass shootout was staged. The idea of a face down in the street, or fast draw in general, was far in the future.

The unusual pouch design used on the holster was not new, but seldom, if ever, appeared in "B" western movies. The general "look" of this rig incorporates styling trademarks of several makers of the time and truly provides a look back to a golden age long past. The Singing Cowboy is available in both single and double rig versions.


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