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The Texas Gunfighter

The Texas Gunfighter duplicates the design and appearance of the personal rig of one of motion picture's most famous fast draw expert and gun coach. Featuring a forward raked, low-cut throat, over-the-belt holster, and extra-wide gunbelt, this outfit is fully lined and hand carved and is complimented by solid sterling silver buckles and embellishments.

The Texas Gunfighter, in a special Sunset color finish, combines several flavors of the Hollywood western gun rig. For the carving pattern, I've reached back into the 1930s to a design made famous by the popular Ken Maynard. Its delicate, almost "lacy" quality helps compliment the forceful, no-nonsense design of the more modern fast draw belt and holster, strongly influenced by the world-famous Andy Anderson.

To add a flashy personality all its own, special over-sized sterling silver conchos are highlighted within their individually hand-carved frames across the belt back. This is another Legends in Leather outfit that will not only stand out in a crowd, but will prove extremely effective in certain current categories of fast draw competition. The Texas Gunfighter is available in both single and double configurations in all standard colors, for Colt SAA revolvers and their clones.


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