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The Tombstone reproduces the classic TV western gun rig.

This western style outfit became the standard in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, appearing in almost every western TV show and movie of that era. The brain child of the legendary Arvo Ojala, its popularity helped spark the sport of fast draw in the 1950s, which is still very popular today and sanctioned by The World Fast Draw Association.

Offered in different barrel lengths, in tan, black or brown, with single or double holsters and two different drops for short or long barrel Colts, everyone from Richard Boone to Jerry Lewis used one.

The Tombstone revives those wonderful days of Colt .45, Lawman, Maverick, Gunsmoke and Wyatt Earp on television or in the movies Hour of the Gun, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Silverado, to name a few.

Through my long association with stuntmen and re-enactors, I've decided to use a steel insert in the drop, but have come to appreciate the wisdom of not steel lining my holsters. If a holster is properly designed, it will keep its shape and allow a perfect draw or spin into and out of the rig. Steel lining adds weight, limits the draw to straight-forward movement (twist the gun in a steel-lined holster and it will stick), and if fallen on (stunt work) or crushed in a car trunk (oops!) it is almost impossible to fix. If my holster fails to perform, return it.


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