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The popular TV series The Virginian (1962 - 1971) was a far cry from the original Owen Wister novel (1902) or the wonderful 1929 film of the same name, with Gary Cooper starring in his first talking role. Certainly Doug McClure's easy-going, good- natured Trampas was very different from the cruel, sinister bad guy Trampas (Walter Huston) Cooper kills in the movie. But the weekly show, the first 90-minute western series, had good character development, a good cast, good action and great gun leather created by the late Andy Anderson.

For the first season, the Virginian, played by Jim Drury, carried a 7 1/2" Colt in a plain black variation of Anderson's standard "walk and draw" gun leather. Later, he adopted a brown version for a shorter 5 1/2" Colt, but it is on the first rig that my Virginian replica is based.

The all black tapered billet gunbelt features Andy's signature decorative stitching and border stitching in white with a full compliment of bullet loops, including a set of four just ahead of the holster.

The fast draw, skirtless holster provides a 15 degree forward rake and fits into a special belt "notch," which prevents it from lifting or sliding on the belt. The holster drop contains a special metal insert to allow the wearer to adjust the pistol grip angle for his or her fast draw and a hammer thong is provided to keep the gun in place during strenuous action or while on horseback.

The Virginian is designed for Colt SAA and clones with 7 1/2" barrels, but can be made shorter on special order.


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