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Wyatt Earp

This is a classic double rig patterned after the one worn in the 1994 movie about the Earps' famous gunfight in Tombstone. Featuring a delicate, traditional border stamp pattern, Mexican loop holsters, and soft money belt cartridge belts, this outfit is available in black, brown, or tan, in a single or double configuration.

After the murder of his brother Morgan (actually, late in the evening of March 18, 1882), Wyatt and his friends take to the vengeance trail. On the screen, Wyatt now carries two sidearms, a Colt .45 with 7 1/2" barrel on his strong side and his famous Buntline Special on the left in a matching cross-draw holster. Each is suspended from a separate cartridge belt just dripping with bullets.

Although the belts are representative of the traditional plain 3" wide "money belt" design (mine comes standard with 36 bullet loops and nickel buckle), the holsters are very finely detailed reproductions illustrating the high end in 19th-century leather craft.

The delicate parallel line and border stamping pattern on the face of my Wyatt Earp holster is first hand carved and then hand stamped using several small tools. The process is then repeated on the holster skirt. Each holster is made using two pieces of 3-4 ounce leather back-to-back to provide a soft, supple holster, yet one that will keep its shape and give a very finished appearance. Next, the holster is hand sewn, including the end "plug," and then carefully formed through the "Mexican Loops," avoiding any distortion or stretching.

The Wyatt Earp is available for Colt's SAA revolvers and their clones with any standard barrel lengths or Buntlines at extra charge. Also available for S&W Schofield replicas.


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