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Baby Justice

My JUSTICE holster was originally created for 1911-style semi-auto pistols and has proven to be very popular both with civilian and law enforcement folks. It has evolved over the years with models for quite compact autos and works well. As small, light-weight, compact snub-nosed revolvers are becoming the vogue, especially with women, I have designed a JUSTICE version just for this style of pistol.

The BABY JUSTICE is designed for comfortable, concealed carry for most steel and polymer frame .38 and .357 caliber revolvers similar to the S&W "J" frame and Ruger LCR.

This fully-lined holster is very light weight, but also very rigid, and incorporates special "ears" that ride behind the belt creating a body hugging ride and excellent concealment while providing consistent positioning for an easy draw. It also features special retention screws in the back to allow for your personal taste in fit.

As many of these new, 21st-century revolvers are slightly different in shape, please be certain to include the full model number, caliber and barrel length when ordering.


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