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Bat Masterson

October 8, 1959 saw the premiere of “Bat Masterson” on TV, starring a most debonair Gene Barry in the title role. Masterson was a gambler, promoter, lawman and gunfighter. The real-life Bat Masterson was much the same, and eventually hung up his guns and spent the last years of his life as a sports writer for a major New York City newspaper. He died in October of 1921, just 38 years before Gene Barry would portray him on television.

The BAT MASTERSON is a faithful reproduction of the rig made famous by Gene Barry in the TV series. This three-piece outfit in black features a special fully-lined cross-draw holster, a 1 ¾ inch wide belt with nickel buckle and a 12-cartridge bullet slide.

This is an extremely comfortable rig that looks and fits like the original. The holster is designed for a Colt Single Action or equivalent with a 4 ¾” barrel or shorter. A longer holster may be purchased on special order, but the appearance and carry will be considerably altered. Don’t forget the cane and derby hat while wearing this outfit!


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