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Billy Old

The Billy Old is named after an actual Arizona Ranger. He's the character I've adopted when giving my annual talks on Arizona history and the old time Arizona Rangers (1901 to 1909) at schools, museums, the Cub Scouts, libraries and other social functions throughout Arizona.

I often carry, as my personal side arm, a 4 3/4" Colt SAA, and the Billy Old represents my own design in carry gear. Refined several times, I now find it the most comfortable, servicable, functional and attractive outfit of its kind. The carved, western-style holster fits comfortably under a coat and its closed-toe design prevents snagging when sitting down, while saving wear and tear on coat linings. Its high-ride, slightly forward cant allows a quick and positive "shooter's grip" and smooth draw, and the hammer thong keeps the gun secure through strenous activity and from prying hands. The elongated "ears" allow for a very narrow over-the-belt silhouette with an extremely rigid "ride" while eliminating the uncomfortable hip and waist pressure caused by wider "pancake" styles.

The fully-lined and border-stitched Billy Old holster is intended for use with a 1 3/4" "duty" pants belt and features a special tension adjuster to ensure a snug holster to belt fit. The matching fully-carved, 12-round bullet slide compliments the holster and features a special oval slot in the back to allow for correct positioning over trouser belt loops. The Billy Old conceals well and looks great with open carry and will fit the Colt SAA 4 3/4" or its clones.


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