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[ Bonanza ]

From the TV series (1959 - 1973) of the same name, this very famous signature rig was worn by star Lorne Greene, who played Ben Cartwright the family patriarch, throughout the series. Representing the standard Hollywood fast draw style of the period, Greene's outfit was unusual for its spectacular carving and two toning design and well as total lack of any bullet loops on the gunbelt. In fact, this seemed to be a series theme, as none of the major stars' gunbelts had bullet loops. The only reason I can think of is that they must have been very good shots and didn't need spare ammo!!!!

This was the first TV western series to be telecast in color and this flashy gun rig really stood out amongst the standard plain blacks and browns of the day. Pernell Roberts (Adam Cartwright, 1959 - 1965) can sometimes be seen wearing a similar, but slightly different outfit.

My Bonanza is an exact reproduction of the original, primary outfit (there were several look-alikes for stunt and other hard use - possibly Roberts wore one of these), including duplicating the belt and holster strap buckles, and features the authentic carving and two-toning pattern of the original. The design is unusual, as even the border areas and edges are dyed black. There are many hours of very exacting hand work to produce this classic rig, which also features a seldom seen carved and two-toned matching holster drop. And as with many gun rigs seen in the movies and TV, they were not necessarily made for a specific actor, so the billet is laced instead of sewn on to allow for extra adjustment. Billets also often broke and this made for easy replacement.

My Bonanza is fully lined and border stitched and includes a metal insert in the holster drop like the original. Designed for use with 7 1/2" Colts or clones, a slightly larger version is available for the Vaquero upon request


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