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Border Classic

By the beginning of the 20th century the semi-auto pistol began to garner popularity with former soldiers, lawmen and cowboys. Drawing heavily on very early designs from the famous House Of Heiser, the BORDER CLASSIC is the ideal answer for someone looking for an authentic period outfit for the wonderful, old and legendary 1911 or similar pistol.

But the BORDER CLASSIC goes beyond the original designs, providing a fully-lined holster that keeps its shape and incorporates a special "sight rail" to protect modern, higher front sights and a modified throat to accommodate modern rear target sights. The double magazine pouch features the period protective flap with snap. This pouch is available for either standard length magazines or magazines equipped with rubber extenders (please specify). The entire outfit features  a smooth, warm brown finish with an unusual, old timey border stamp design, with a slightly lighter contrasting holster lining finish.

Available in other colors, plain, border-stamped or fully-carved, for most modern semi-automatic pistols.


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