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JB Books

In John Wayne's last film The Shootist, released in 1976,  he portrays the aging gunfighter J B Books, who is dying of cancer. In this touching and memorable movie, Wayne as Books challenges three of the town's worst characters to a final gunfight in hopes that he will not survive and go out in a haze of gunsmoke with his boots on. Ironically, Wayne himself died of cancer in 1979.

In The Shootist Wayne changes from his usual "rough and tumble" cowboy look to that of a well-dressed and well-mannered aging gentlemen. He carries two pistols, both fully engraved Great Western Colt replicas with ornate ivory grips. Surprisingly, he chose a very plain, somewhat modern design western holster and belt made by the Hunter Company.

My J B BOOKS outfit is an authentic recreation of the original outfit worn by Wayne, with some exceptions. The fully-lined holster, complete with hammer thong, is made from one piece of leather in the traditional style. The lined Hunter holster is actually two pieces with the holster pouch separate and then attached to the skirt, which then folds back over itself to form the belt loop. This was economical to mass-produce but awkward in application. And unlike the original single-ply belt, I have chosen to fully line this 2" wide belt for extra strength and wearability. Just like the original, the J B BOOKS gunbelt features a two inch nickel buckle and 25 bullet loops.

In all ways, I have tried to create an authentic style rig with the true looks of the original, including color and finish, but constructed in the more traditional manner. Please look closely at the photos and then you be the judge.

The J B BOOKS is designed to hold a standard 4 3/4" or 5 1/2" barrel, Colt SAA or clone. It can also be modified to accept longer barrel guns and the old Ruger Vaquero.

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