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Josey Wales

Josey Wales

Perhaps one of Clint Eastwood's finest western movies, “The Outlaw Josey Wales” was released in 1976. Eastwood as Wales is on a vengeance trail, seeking the man responsible for the death of his family during the Civil War. Although several pistols and rifles are used in the film, the featured arms are two giant Walker Colts that Eastwood uses to perfection to eliminate the many bad guys.

My JOSEY WALES outfit is a faithful reproduction of the two unusual, modified military style holsters and 2" wide belt, complete with a replica, engraved sterling silver buckle used by Eastwood throughout the movie. Care has been taken to match the original color and finish to the movie rig. My JOSEY WALES was featured in an article by Dennis Adler in the 2007 Spring Edition of GUNS OF THE OLD WEST magazine.

There are many legends behind the making of the original outfit, but there is strong indication that famous holster maker Andy Anderson was involved.

The JOSEY WALES holsters are lined to keep their shape and to prevent abrasion to your pistol's finish. The outfit is available for the original Walker or can be modified to accommodate a smaller Colt 1851 Navy, 1860 Army, 1873 Model P or their many clones.


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