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Although I shy away from making gunleather for modern firearms, I'm a shooter and great admirer of the old 1911. The Justice was designed to meet my personal requirements when carrying that old .45ACP.

The Justice represents the least amount of leather for concealment, comfort and light-weight, with the most rigid ride possible, and allows for a very positive shooter's grip, smooth draw and ease of one-hand reholstering. You can also change magazines with the gun in the holster, a handy feature at some ranges.

The fully-lined, carved (optional) and border-stitched Justice, holds the gun VERY securely, has adjustable gun retention pressure without the use of "sticky" rubber spacers, and features an internal sight rail. The special elongated "ears" design allows for a very narrow over-the-belt silhouette while providing a "rock solid" ride. Designed to be worn with any standard 1 3/4" duty style pants belt, the Justice also has a tension adjustment to compensate for belt thickness.

The Justice is designed for the Colt 1911 series and Combat Commander. It's available in black, light brown, walnut, mahogany or dark brown with contrasting white stitching. Optional basket weave, border stamping or carving are available.

Single matching magazine holders can be provided. For multiple magazine carry simply double up as many as needed.


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