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With the ever-increasing popularity of the outstanding Judge pistol from Taurus Firearms I was asked to modify the standard Legends in Leather JUSTICE holster to accommodate this unusual revolver chambered in 45 Colt pistol cartridge and 410 shotgun shell. The JUSTICE/JUDGE is the result.

This fully-lined holster with matching five round bullet slide effectively holds the gun in an upright position for an easy draw but also hugs the body for good concealment. The JUSTICE/JUDGE comes standard with a fancy "shell" hand-stamped design in walnut finish, but is also available plain or fully hand-carved and in a variety of different finishes.

There are several Judge models available including the standard Judge, the Ultra Light, Magnum, Judge PD and Judge PD Polymer. The JUSTICE/JUDGE is available for all of the above, but please be sure to fully identify the model you wish to use, including cylinder and barrel length, when ordering.


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