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Last Man Standing

Although there have been several Hollywood films featuring a double shoulder holster outfit, none has been used by a grittier or tougher character than the hero of “Last Man Standing.” The amazing handling and shooting of his twin Colt 1911s by Bruce Willis as John Smith was the result of coaching by Hollywood firearms expert Thell Reed. And his no-nonsense gun rig worked perfectly.

From careful research it appears much of the original outfit was made by or copied from the great H. H. Heiser Company of Denver from the 1920s era. Some modifications were made to the holster throats to accommodate a more secure fit and a speedier draw.

This reproduction from “Last Man Standing” not only brings back the flash and bang of the film but is actually a very wearable and functional double rig for everyday use. The safety straps make it practical for rugged outdoor trips.

The standard LAST MAN STANDING is designed to fit the full-sized 1911 style semi-auto pistol and is finished in the same color as the movie rig.


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