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Lonesome Dove

In what is perhaps the finest western TV mini-series ever made, the character of Gus McCrea portrayed by Robert Duvall will forever live in the memories of thousands of western fans. A while ago I was asked to reproduce the holster, belt, bullet pouch and knife sheath worn by Gus for a major magazine article, which led me to make a careful study of this wonderful production in detail from start to finish.

It is interesting to note that McCrea preferred to use his old Colt Walker pistol and a very worn brown leather cross draw holster, but his gun belt (with famous Texas Star buckle), military bullet pouch and knife sheath were finished in black.

My LONESOME DOVE, Gus McCrea, rig is a faithful reproduction of the Hollywood outfit and a neat rig to wear to western film fairs and cowboy action shooting events.

The holster is designed for use with the Colt Walker pistol but can be modified for us with a Colt 1851 Navy,1860 Army or Colt SAA if so ordered.


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