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Monte Walsh

From an original novel by famous western author Jack Schaefer, who also wrote Shane, the first Hollywood production of “Monte Walsh” was released in 1970 starring Lee Marvin and Jack Palance.

In 2003 Monte Walsh returned in the made-for-TV movie of the same name starring Tom Selleck. In this version Walsh wears a very distinctive gun rig of the traditional Mexican loop style featuring an unusual shell-like hand stamping, special metal spots, rough-out gun belt lined with smooth leather, and rifle cartridge bullet slide.

After a very careful review of the movie and still photos (see photo of the original with replica) my MONTE WALSH was created for a well-known Colt collector.

The MONTE WALSH is available for Colt SAAs and clones with 4 3/4" or 5 1/2" barrels and can be modified for longer barrel pistols or the old Ruger Vaquero.


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