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Queen Of The West

Beginning with their TV series, this very special western star sat alongside her “King of the Cowboys” husband and wore a unique buscadero rig created for her by the San Fernando Saddlery. This fully-carved and lined single gun rig, designed to carry a Colt .38 double action revolver, features an unusual "angled" buscadero slot that allows the holster to "wrap" around the hip and conform to the female figure, instead of "sticking out" like a lop-sided water wing. The QUEEN OF THE WEST is a very faithful reproduction of the original that includes the authentic carving pattern, color and finish, bullet loop style and hand-carved billet with a sterling silver, engraved belt buckle. Designed for modern double action revolvers, this outfit can be modified to accommodate short barrel single action Colt style revolvers of different calibers to conform to SASS requirements without a drastic change in appearance.

With this outfit strapped around her waist, all she'll need is a horse named Buttermilk to complete the ensemble.


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