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Star Packer

In the early 1930s, John Wayne starred in 23 B westerns for the old Lone Star/Monogram studio. Starting with “Riders Of Destiny” (11-24-33) and ending with “The Lonely Trail” (11-3-36) Wayne wore a special gunrig, made by the Bohlin Company and rented by the studio from the famous Stembridge Gun Rental Company of North Hollywood.

His outfit was originally designed as a double rig, but Wayne chose to eliminate the left hand holster, leaving an empty slot a la Gene Autry, and carried a single pistol on the right hand side. This outfit was typical of the time, a fully-carved and two-toned holster and belt, lined and "single loop" border laced.

Through the kindness of western film director, producer and collector, Al Frisch, I was able to borrow the original outfit from him to fully document it and create a very exacting and authentic pattern. My STAR PACKER recreates the original pattern, shape, carving design, colors, lacing and even the leather thicknesses of the actual outfit worn by Wayne in those old "Bs".

Designed to accommodate a Colt SAA with a 5 1/2" barrel, the STAR PACKER will take a Colt Model P with 4 3/4" barrel as well, or the many clones. It can also be modified to accept longer barrels or the larger Old Ruger Vaquero. The STAR PACKER is a true and authentic reproduction of B western history in every detail.


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