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Vera Cruz

In my opinion, one of the best "A" westerns ever made, Vera Cruz (1953) has everything that made the genre great. Loaded with action, stirring theme music and a top notch cast, which includes Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, Denise Darcel, Ernest Borgnine and Charles Bronson, it pits honor against evil in the midst of revolutionary Mexico just after the American Civil War. The shoot out at the end of the picture alone, is worth the price of admission. One of the main characters, American mercenary and rascal, Joe Errant, played by Lancaster, is in Mexico with his gang to sell his gun to the top bidder, Maximilian or the rebels. Known for his fast draw, Lancaster, dressed in black, carries a nickel plated, 4 3/4" ivory-handled Colt in one of the neatest and workable gun rigs I've ever seen.

Designed by Rodd Redwing, who was also the film's gun coach, the all black, supple, buscadero outfit features a row of nickel spots of alternating sizes across the bottom of the belt. The closed toe holster has the famous Redwing "notched" throat, which rotates the gun in the holster for a very fast draw from almost any position. No need for metal linings or other gimmicks here. This rig almost becomes a part of the person wearing it and the gun sways menacingly with each step.

My fully lined and border-stitched Vera Cruz is an exact reproduction of this famous outfit in every detail and is designed for the short barrel Colt SAA or clones. A reproduction of the black wrist cuff worn by Lancaster is also available.


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