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The White Knight

One of the most recognizable gunrigs ever made, this classic outfit became the trademark of that "fast gun for hire" we watched on TV every Saturday night from September 14, 1957 until the final episode on September 23, 1963. The opening scene, which usually begins with the presentation of his business card, meant this "knight without armor" would soon be dispensing his particular brand of justice somewhere in the West.

The White Knight faithfully recreates this famous outfit in every detail including the solid cast sterling silver chess knight designed from the original. The rugged rig features a heavy 3" fully lined gunbelt, complete with 30 bullet loops, 1 1/2" billets and classic nickel "chap" buckle.

The fully-lined, "flat top" throated, fast draw holster, complete with steel insert in the drop, is designed to allow free rotation of the cylinder as the pistol is drawn "Hollywood Fast Draw" style (NEVER TO BE TRIED WITH A LOADED GUN). A custom "hammer thong" and holster tie-down complete the package. The White Knight is designed for use with Colt SAA revolvers with 7 1/2" barrels.

This classic TV series is still being shown on some cable and satellite channels, and is the most successful title ever offered by Columbia House videos, with all 225 episodes now available. For the purist, Legends in Leather offers a separate sterling silver knight that can be mounted on a rifle stock, just like the one appearing in the series.


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