The New Model MI-6DA MKII Shoulder Holster from Legends in Leather

Created using the concepts of the original 007 rig from the early James Bond films and the early version of the popular MI-6DA MKI design, the MI-6DA MKII incorporates the same concept, suede materials and light weight plus improved neutral color to eliminate any "shadow" under light fabrics and the possibility of dye transfer during hot, damp summer use. It also includes a special "suspender clamp" to allow attachment to beltless summer wear such as shorts, skirts and sweat pants.

The MI-6DA MKII is designed to fit the new light-weight, polymer framed semi-auto pistols that have a wider often "hooked" trigger guard and shorter barrels. These pistols include the Walther P99, Glock Gen4 17. Larger pistols such as the Springfield XDM 3.8 will work but weight is a consideration. Small frame revolvers also fit nicely and even the new Taurus Judge PD works well with this outfit.

The Model MI-6DA MKII is priced at $119.95 which includes shipping. To order please send via regular mail your full name, shipping address, model number of the holster, your jacket size and a check or money order for $119.95. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Legends in Leather * 8100 N Red Oak Road, Prescott, AZ 86305