What Others Say

I'm both proud and humbled to have received these kind words from my customers and peers:

  "Legends in Leather is the name of a one-man operation that specializes in the fulfillment of dreams." Jerry Ahern, Handguns magazine, January 1994

  "Whomever your favorite Western star, Legends in Leather will make you a copy of their rig." Bob Arganbright, Combat Handguns magazine, February 1993

  "Certainly one of the leaders in the movement to preserve the buscadero rigs worn by our heroes of the silver screen is Jim Lockwood of Legends in Leather...has a holster catalogue that looks like an inventory booklet from the old Republic Studios backlot...his rigs are exact images of those worn by The Durango Kid, Wild Bill Elliott and Rocky Lane, to name a few." Rick Hacker, 1998 Guns & Ammo Annual

  "For a truly collectable gun rig, drop Jim Lockwood of Legends in Leather a line." Rick Hacker, Dixie Gun Works 1996 Black Powder Annual.

  "I received 'the box' in the mail and opened it with a great deal of anticipation. I was not disappointed! This rig is truly a work of art and is magnificent in every detail." Mr. Ed H., September 1998, concerning his King of the Cowboys III order

  "I must say that I can fault nothing in Legends in Leather rigs. Craftsmanship is first cabin, top drawer, state-of-the-art. This is great stuff, practical artwork of the highest caliber." Jerry Ahern, Handguns magazine, January 1994

  "To properly pack this rarified treasure (an original, rare Colt model P), a buscadero-style rig was ordered, patterned after the holster worn by Roy Rogers during his B western heyday in the 1940s. Of course, there is only one holster maker who could accomplish this task, and this is Jim Lockwood of Legends in Leather." Rick Hacker, Dixie Gun Works 1998 Black Powder Annual

  "An artist is an artist, no matter what his medium. Jim Lockwood just happens to work in leather. Beautifully." Out 'N About magazine, November 1997

  "Whatever you favor in authentic movie or TV leather, Jim Lockwood can re-create it for you." John Taffin, 1998 American Handgunner Annual

  "If you are into cowboy shooting and wish to emulate one of the B-movie heroes or would just like to have a rig identical to that worn by Wild Bill Elliott as Red Ryder or Gene Barry as Bat Masterson or any of a host of other Western stars, contact Jim (Lockwood) at Legends in Leather." John Taffin, American Handgunner magazine, March/April 1995

  "Legends in Leather offers superb copies of belts and holsters worn by cinema and television western heroes. You can get versions of Hoppy's two-gun set, a John Wayne rig, and Jack Palance's 'Shane' outfit among others." Garry James, Guns & Ammo magazine, August 1996

  "Legends in Leather offers those wonderful six-gun rigs that we used to see at the Saturday matinees. The rigs worn by Wild Bill Elliott, Hoppy, Gene and Roy." John Taffin, American Handgunner magazine, September/October 1994

  "There are any number of genius leatherworkers out there giving us the best in modern leather, as well as traditional leather from the last century, but I do believe that Jim Lockwood of Legends in Leather is the only leather carver offering replica rigs of the likes of Hopalong Cassidy, The Durango Kid, Paladin, Wild Bill Elliott, The Duke, Roy Rogers, and Bat Masterson....Lockwood's work is well crafted and well researched." John Taffin, Guns magazine, October 1994